Almond Cream with Chow Chow (chayote) Recipe

1 lb canned chow chow or mixed fruit salad
2 cups water
1 oz unflavored gelatine
2 cups milk
1 tsp almond essence
granulated sugar to taste

Chop the larger pieces of chow chow in half or drain the mixed fruit salad.
Place 4 tablespoons of the water in a cup and stand it in a sauce pan of hot water. Shower the gelatine into the cup and heat, stirring, until the gelatine has dissolved. Cool.
Heat the remaining water with milk, sugar to taste, and almond essence. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Stir in the gelatine. Pour into a shallow, lightly oiled cake tin and cool until set.
Cut the almond cream into triangular bite-sized pieces. Place these in a serving bowl with the fruit and combine very gently. Serve very cold.

Chow Chow is Chinese preserved fruit which can be bought in shops specializing in Chinese groceries.

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