Take two or three French-Rowles, or white penny bread, cut them in
slices, and put to the bread as much Cream as wil cover it, put it on
the fire till your Cream and bread be very warm, then take a ladle or
spoon and beat it very well together, put to this twelve Eggs, but not
above foure whites, put in Beef Suet, or Marrow, according to your
discretion, put a pretty quantity of Currans and Raisins, season the
Pudding with Nutmeg, Mace, Salt, and Sugar, but very little flower for
it will make it sad and heavy; make a piece of puff past as much as will
cover your dish, so cut it very handsomely what fashion you please;
Butter the bottome of your Dish, put the pudding into the Dish, set it in
a quick Oven, not too hot as to burne it, let it bake till you think it be
enough, scrape on Sugar and serve it up.

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