Fourth of July Recipes - A Tradition

The Fourth of July Recipes are used on 4th of July because it is a commemorative day for the American Independence; hence, it is but expected for a great nation such as the United States to celebrate the festive day with parades, fireworks and picnics filled with Fourth of July recipes. Many claim that the fourth of July is typically a mix of colors namely: red, blue and white. These significant colors are also applied in food preparation to give a nationalistic theme to it. With a touch of outdoor flavors, the Fourth of July recipes are always going to be a part of this festivity.

Celebration of the American Independence is usually made outdoors under the scorching summer weather. Thus, it is a good tip to keep the warm or hot foods hot and the cold foods kept cold. To achieve this feat, the cook must have meticulous planning way ahead of time so as to perfect the necessary elements of good cooking. The cook must muster these elements namely: safe food preparation, proper transportation of foods to their respective destinations and the appropriate storage of foods, most especially for the leftovers to have a satisfying array of dishes for the Fourth of July recipes.

There are other more specific guidelines for the Fourth of July recipes. First, limit the opening of your coolers so as to prevent rapid evacuation of cool air. The best way to achieve this is to think wisely what or when to get something from the cooler so as to minimize the frequency of opening it. Next, one is advised to place water to the ice in the cooler so as to lengthen the cooling effect of the ice. In addition, it is advisable to place foods in the cooler in watertight containers. Third, the foods that are to be placed inside the cooler is best if it is cooled first because placing warm or hot foods inside the cooler can decrease its total storage time. Fourth, it is best to discard leftover marinade sauces to prevent certain food borne diseases. Moreover, it is a good practice to ice leftover hot foods as soon as possible to avoid bacterial contagion. Especially if you have a picnic far away from home and obviously far from your refrigerators, it is wise to bring extra ice to meet this need.

There is a common mnemonic termed KISS, which is widely used for food preparation. The KISS principle applies to Fourth of July recipes and it has a literal meaning of - Keep It Simple, Silly. It is smart to select simple and easy to prepare foods that you can prepare way ahead of the picnic or eating schedule in order to have maximum enjoyment for the commemoration. The following are some of the easy to prepare patriotic recipe mix of red, white, and blue color scheme that is perfect for the occasion. The Star Spangled Jigglers Recipe; the Red, White and Blue Fruit and Cheese Skewer Recipe; the Simple Flag Pudding Cake Recipe, and lastly the Star Cakesicles Recipe are just some of the common food preparations made during this festive event.

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