How to Make and Layer Italian Lasagna Recipes

One basic thing that you have to know for Italian lasagna recipes is that it doesn't matter what kind of noodle you use, the layering procedure is pretty much the same for all kinds of lasagna sheets. Authentic Italian lasagna often just call for simple béchamel sauce instead of cheese, and it's preferable for you to use a 13-by-9-inch metal, glass, or ceramic dish, so that the sheets of lasagna can easily rest against the corners of the pan, and it would be helpful if you grease before the bottom of your baking pan.

Let's follow this step-by-step method for an authentic Italian lasagna recipe:

1. Begin with spreading a first small amount of the sauce you prefer (I suggest you a chunky meat one) ready a head of time, so to moisten the bottom layer of pasta.

2. Lay down the first layer of noodles, and choose the large whole noodles for this layer. Here the main recommendation is to lay the lasagna sheets crosswise, then spread sauce evenly over the noodles and then cover with béchamel. In this way build the layers as described in individual Italian lasagna recipes (generally four layers) using the same method. If you have any broken noodles you can use them in the middle of the process, so they won't be seen.

3. When you arrive at the top and final layer, that's the one that should be covered with plenty of béchamel sauce and/or cheese, either if you are using meat based or vegetable sauces. This will make on the top of your Italian lasagna recipe an attractive crust, but don't add pieces of vegetables or chunks of meat on the top layer, they only dry out in the oven.

4. One last recommendation, remember that lasagna should be baked just until the top turns brown in spots and the sauce is bubbling around the pan. A tricky method is, if you have any doubts about it being done, is to stick a knife into the center of the pan and hold it there for a couple of seconds. Removing the knife, the blade should be quite hot.

When the lasagna is cooked, remove it from the oven and let it rest for five minutes before serving at your table.

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