How to can carrots?

Carrot is a great vegetable and very popular with its orange color, crunchy texture and sweet taste. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Fresh carrots are good for the maximum nutritional benefit. But it is hard to get fresh carrots throughout the year. One way to preserve fresh carrots for long time is by canning them. Home canning carrots are also good for health.

Home canning carrots have a shelf life of about 12 months if they are storing in a cool and dark place. It is also not require any special attention. To can carrots is easy and simple. Here are full instructions how to can carrots.

The first thing you have to do is to prepare ingredients and equipments for canning carrots. You will need fresh and crisp carrots, a vegetable peeler, a sharp knife, a jar grabber, a jar funnel, a large pot, large spoons and ladles, canning jars and salt (optional), water and a pressure canner. Clean and rinse canning jars and lids. Sterile the canning jars and lids in boiling water about 10 minutes.

Select small, filled but tender, firm and crisp carrots. Never select large carrots because they are regularly too fibrous and hard. Clean and rinse the carrots under running water. Peel the carrots with vegetable peeler. Cut both ends about ¼ inch. Then cut them into pieces as you like.

Put in the cut carrots in a pot. Cover the carrots with water. Heat the pot and bring to boil. Simmer the carrots for 5 minutes.

Once the carrots are cooked, put them in canning jars. Leave an inch of headspace. Carefully pour each jar with boiling water that carrots were cooked in. Cover the carrots and leave about an inch of headspace.

Wipe the rims of each jar, place lid on, seal and tighten firmly but not over tight. Place the jars in a canner. Cover them with at least 3 inches of water. Set the heat on high and let the canner steam about 10 minutes. Place the weight on. Close any openings to let the pressure gauge indicate 10 pounds. Once it hits 10 pounds, control the heat to maintain 10 pounds for 25 minutes for pints jar and 30 minutes for quarts jar.

Remove the heat. Let the canner cool down. After 3 minutes the gauge reach zero, take out the weight and let the steam to escape.

Pick up the jars out and let them cool without touching them in a draft-free place overnight. Once the jars are cool, ensure the lids formed tight seals.

Now the canned carrots are ready. You can enjoy your canned carrots anytime you like.

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darshan said...

it's is very fine to make carrot vegetable and popular sweet taste.


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