How to can vegetables

Growing vegetables and canning them yourself is worth to keep supply of vegetables for all season especially in the winter. It save money, provide healthier food without any additives or chemicals and great taste. If you don't have your own vegetables garden, you can purchase fresh vegetables with inexpensive price from a local farmer's market in their growing seasons.

It is not a rocket science to can vegetables. Here are easy instructions to can vegetables at home. This method provides 12 to 18 months shelf life of canned vegetables without any special requirements if you keep them in a cool and dark place.

First thing you have to make canning preparation. Clean and wash canning jars, lids and bands with dish detergent. Sterile them in boiling water for ten minutes and drain. Make sure jars, lids and bands are free from cracks and rust.

If you have your own garden, collect and group the vegetables you want to can in early morning. If you purchase them at the farmer's market, pick only young and tender unblemished vegetables. Discard any blemish, wash and rinse the vegetables thoroughly under clean running water. Peel and cut the vegetables if required.

Before you fill your jars, put a pressure canner on a stove. Place rack inside the pressure canner and fill in water to the pan about 4 inches height or follow manual instruction from manufacturer of your pressure canner. Heat them over low heat with the lid off.

Different type of vegetables requires different way of preparation. Some vegetables are acceptable to pack raw and some vegetables need to heat before pack. Therefore you must know suitable vegetables for raw pack and hot pack. Once you filled the jars, make sure the vegetables are covered with enough water and leave about an inch at the top for expansion.

Remove any trapped bubbles from the jar using thin spatula carefully. Put the lids and screw firmly but not over tight to avoid crack throughout the canning process. Arrange the jars into the canner carefully. Add hot water in the canner if the water level less than 3 inches.

Close the canner lid securely. Turn on high heat to increase temperature inside the canner. Let steam exit from the canner through the steam vent for ten minutes. Close the vent with weight and let the pressure rise in the canner.

Follow the canner instruction manual, let the pressure increase until it reached the right amount and continue it for the specified duration. Adjust the canner heat to control the pressure for the appropriate amount of time. Turn off the heat when done.

Allow the canner cool down until the pressure gauge down to zero. Take out the weight and the lid carefully. Lift the jars with jar lifter and put them on towel to cool. Usually it takes overnight to cool completely.

Make sure the seals are sealed properly. If the seal is not good, keep them in refrigerator and used them within a week.

Now you can make your own canned vegetables!

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