How to grill carrots?

A single carrot supplies your entire vitamin A requirement for the whole day. It is also a great food to chew, being a much better pastime than chewing on potato chips. Study has also exposed that carrot has a protective result against ultraviolet light that will make you look younger.

Grilled carrot is an excellent side dish for just about anything from chicken to beef chops. It is fast, easy, and surprising. The trick is in knowing how to grill carrot to their best result.

When thinking how to grill carrots, there are a number of factors which we have to take in to careful thought. We have to make sure that the carrots do not become overly well cooked on the outer surface while remaining uncooked on the inside and we have to make sure that they cook evenly across their whole surface.

Grilling carrots reveal their natural sweetness. To grill carrots you will need a grilling wok or a steel vegetable basket with holes to expose the carrots to the fire. Warm up the grill and the wok over high heat.

Meanwhile, wash and rinse the carrots with clean water. Cut them in half lengthwise about 2-3 inch and then cut each half in half lengthwise again. You will make four equal pieces from one carrot. However baby carrots do not require for cut.

Brush the whole carrots lightly with olive oil. Then put them in the wok or vegetable basket and drill over medium-hot heat until tender for about 20 minutes. Give the wok a good shake or turn the carrots regularly as necessary to allow them to cook thoroughly and to have even brownish on all sides.

You also can parboil the carrots in ½ to 1 inch of water level for 10 minutes earlier to make sure they cooked entirely and to reduce the grilling time.

Once the carrots cooked, toss them in a mixture of equal parts of brown sugar and melt butter. Add salt and pepper to taste for seasoning the grilled carrots. If you like, put in a small amount of crushed garlic and powdered ginger. Pull off the grill to cool then transfer the whole things to your serving plate or bowl and serve.

For faster process, place the carrots with melt butter and all the seasoning ingredients on a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap them together. Do not put in olive oil since it will burn easily and leave bitter taste to your carrots. Then grill them over medium-high heat until tender and crisp for about 15 minutes. Pull off the grill to cool and open the foil wrap and transfer the whole things to your serving plate or bowl and serve.

Carrots have hard walls that the body may have problem to digest. So grilling carrots just until crisp and tender will make their nutrients more reachable to the whole body. Now you can eat your grilled carrots and get healthy!

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