Fun with Juicing - 5 Tips For the Beginner

Ok, you went and bought yourself a new juicing machine. Now, you are surfing the web in search of recipes. If only there were in existence, a juice recipe Mecca. Finding a really solid recipe that tastes great can be a real challenge. How many bad tasting drinks will you go through until you find a truly delicious one? Trust me, I've done it, and sometimes the results weren't pretty. So, let me spare you the pain of self discovery and start you off with a few tips:

Tips for a newbie juicer

1) Bananas don't work. They just aren't juice-able. If you try, you'll have a mushy mess to clean up. If you insist on putting bananas in your recipe, add them in afterwards via a blender.

2) Cabbage recipes? In theory, they may sound like a great nutrient rich addition to your juice cocktail. In reality, tread lightly! Cabbage juice is able to cause your stomach to revolt. This is due the high sulfur content of cabbage.

3) When concocting your own juicer recipes keep in mind that certain veggies have a not so subtle flavor. They can easily overpower your drink. Here is the short list of the most common ones: celery, cucumber, onion, tomato, basil and garlic.

4) A good starting base for any trial recipe is the tried and true carrot and apple combo. Start your explorations there as these are neutral flavors and cheap to buy.

5) Keep in mind that juicing takes time to get used to. It's wise to ease into the process. Buy a good juicing book for more ideas. Most importantly listen to you body when it tells you that it doesn't like something. Don't force yourself to drink something that makes you nauseous; just because its labeled, "Healthy."

There you have five important worthwhile tips to consider. Also, I recommend that you open your juicer manual. Most manufacturers include a small section with in or a separate booklet of recipes with your purchase. These recipes are almost always a safe and sure bet.

If you were fortunate enough to have bought a Jack Lalanne juicer, then you should have received an extra book of great tasting recipes. Many of those are decent. So, go a head and give them a try first. Once you're comfortable with juicing, then you can be adventurous. Here's to your health and happy juicing.

As a long time healthy living advocate and fellow juicer, I encourage juicing as a great alternative to eating platefuls of vegetables and fruits. In the process I've come across some terrific juicing recipes that you can try for yourself.

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